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MCNTMA Announces 2020 Board of Directors

The MCNTMA held its annual meeting December 6. The purpose of this meeting was to vote on the 2020 Michiana Chapter Board of Directors and Officers, review the chapter’s strategic plan goals and objectives for business and workforce development and membership. Please welcome the following announcement of your 2020 Board of Directors and Officers…

President – Mr. Paul Hartz, Mack Tool & Engineering
Vice President – Mr. Eric Kurzhal, Allied Specialty Precision
Secretary/Treasurer – Ms. Teresa Sherman, Schafer Industries
Trustee – Mr. Eric Kurzhal, Allied Specialty Precision
Alternate Trustee – Mr. Paul Bonin, Bertrand Products

Board Member – Mr. Andy Jordan, Exacto Inc of South Bend
Board Member – Ms. Kelly Kasner, Michiana Global Mold
Board Member – Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Ann Voll, Sibley Machine (Honorary Members)
Board Member – Mr. Mark Bagwell, Horton Group (Associate Member)
Board Member – Mr. Brian Witkowski, AME Group (Associate Member)
Board Member – Ms. Kate Lee, South Bend Regional Chamber (Community Member)
Board Member – Mr. Mike Pace, Purdue University (Education Member)

Get the most out of your membership by getting in! Your participation matters to the future success of the chapter and association. We value your input to improve your value of membership. Please contact MCNTMA Chapter Executive, with your comments and suggestions for a prosperous 2020!

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