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Make Events Part of Your Business Success Strategy

Make Events Part of Your Business Success Strategy!
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2019 Calendar

Jan 11 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Jan 22 – South Bend Regional Chamber Freshman Forum w/Senator Mike Braun
Jan 25 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Feb 08 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Feb 21 – MCNTMA Presidents Night
Feb 20 – NTMA Top Shops Seminar – Dallas TX
Feb 22 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Mar 08 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Mar 06 – NTMA/AMT MFG Meeting Conference – Tucson AZ
Mar 22 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Mar 29 – South Bend Regional Chamber Third House Meeting
Apr 12 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Apr 08 – NTMA/PMA ‘One Voice’ Legislative Conference – Washington DC
Apr 26 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Apr 29 – NTMA Emerging Leaders Conference – Louisville KY
May 03 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
May 07 – Horton Group Marijuana and Corporate Policies & Procedures Seminar
May 17 – National Robotics League National Competition – California PA
May 22 – NTMA Top Shops Seminar – Phoenix AZ
May 24 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Jun 07 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Jun 00 – MCNTMA The Big Event! Plant Tour & Technology Workshop
Aug 21 – NTMA Top Shops Seminar – Hartford CT
Aug 22 – MCNTMA Golf Outing Fundraiser – Pretty Lake Golf Club, Plymouth IN
Sep 07 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Sep 19 – MCNTMA Small Business Luncheon Roundtable
Sep 27 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Oct 04 – MFG DAY!!!
Oct 11 – MCNTMA. B.O.D. Meeting
Oct 15 – NTMA Fall Conference – Austin TX
Oct 25 – MCNTMA Member Value Gathering
Nov 01 – MCNTMA B.O.D. Meeting
Nov 00 – MCNTMA The Big Event! Plant Tour & Technology Workshop
Dec 06 – MCNTMA Annual Meeting @ South Bend Career Academy

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MCNTMA Announces 2019 Strategic Plan

To keep in alignment with our mission & vision statements, as well as improving the value of membership and strengthening our community and industry, the MCNTMA Board of Directors developed a strategic plan outlining goals & objectives and strategic directions for the pillars of membership- business success resources, workforce development and advocacy.

Goals & Objectives include membership growth, raising awareness and being a model association. Strategic directions include: business success resources- workshops/events, promotion of relevant national benefits/resources/events, innovative networking opportunities; workforce development- MFG Day, NTMA-U and strategic community partnerships; advocacy- engagement with elected officials and share industry-related information. Contact MCNTMA Chapter Executive for a complete plan document. We welcome participation, input and feedback to grow the association!

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Eric Kurzhal Elected 2017 MCNTMA President

December 2, 2016

Eric Kurzhal, President, Allied Specialty Precision, Inc. was elected President of the Michiana NTMA Board of Directors.  Eric brings a wealth of industry knowledge and commitment to NTMA, the local chapter, and the National Robotics League (NRL). Other 2017 board members include:  Paul Hartz, Mack Tool (Vice President); Stan Blenke, Schafer Industries (Secretary/Treasurer); Mark Bagwell, The Horton Group; Andy Jordan, Exacto of South Bend, Inc.; Chad Dee, Lake Michigan College/Hanson Technology Center; Brian Witkowski, Orion Group.  Eric serves as the Chapter Trustee with Paul Bonin of Bertrand Products, Inc. serving as Assistant Trustee.




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Risk Management that Measures Up

Ineffective risk management could give you plenty of wrong things to measure

We live in a measurement-focused society: how many; how far; how fast; how much more, or less, than last year.

Popular thought often asserts that if it’s not measurable, it’s not a worthwhile goal. How can you justify spending time and money on something you cannot prove or quantify? On the surface, that may not be easy, but consider the following:

In a society focused on measurements, realize that you will rarely know, or be able to measure, those catastrophic events that did not occur due to the execution of good, consistent risk management practices.

It is still important to measure standard business benchmarks: injury-free days or an increase or decrease in claims or accidents, for instance. But, how do you measure…

  • the car accident that never happened because your business implemented a distracted driving policy?
  • the fatality that did not occur because you requested an employee’s motor vehicle records, which uncovered several previous driving incidents?
  • the employee who did not cause an unsafe situation because your drug- and alcohol-free workplace program got that person the help needed to be fully functional on the job?
  • the firm that did not go out of business, saving dozens of jobs, because it had a well-executed business continuation plan in place when the owner passed away?

You may never be able to fully measure the positive effects a risk management culture has on your business. But, you will definitely be able to measure the negative ones.

Now, it must be said that all the value-added risk management applications in the world will not keep all bad things from happening. But, are you confident your firm is doing everything it can to help eliminate preventable risks by executing good, consistent risk management practices?

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